Islamic Markets Programme (IMP) 2019 - Islamic Capital Market 4.0: Driving Inclusiveness And Trust In Digital Capital Markets

Accelerating business change and new business ideas brought about by disruptive digital innovation also bring with it the issues of social inclusiveness and consumer trust. Companies should leverage on digital disruption by embracing digital stewardship for an inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital future. With digital stewardship, companies could make better decisions facilitated by technology.

In this conference
, we ask how effectively can new fin-tech business ideas and innovative consumer-experience practices help address development challenges in Islamic Finance for the betterment of responsible businesses, investors and citizens of global digital markets.

IMP 2019
is a business discussion platform for industry leaders, thought leaders and subject matter experts to present and discuss business growth and profitability in today’s challenging market of lower returns, higher volatility and intensified competition.