Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah Tunku Kamil Ikram

YM Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah is the Co Founder and owner of Prettysuci, the worlds’ leading halal beauty portal. She began her career in the field of Public Realtions. In 2012 she setup a grassroots movement focusing on making environmental awareness a savvy lifestyle for young Malaysians. Mikka Green opened the door for her to the be elected the first President of Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam (PEKA), an NGO advocating the preservation and
sustenance of natural resources.

With her background in PR and a Bachelors degree in Communications from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Tunku Kaiyisah was then recruited to set up the Sultan Ahmad Shah Environment Trust (SASET), helping boost its profile and raise funds for environmental projects around the state of Pahang. Both PEKA and SASET still run eco projects and activities pioneered by the ‘Emerald Girl’, while Tunku Kaiyisah moved on with other passion projects.

Prettysuci.com is currently Malaysia’s only halal beauty portal serving as a one stop shop for halal certified cosmetics and skincare. Their products can also be found in 5 Sephora stores nationwide. Tunku Kaiyisah is also the Director of Kalung Berkat, a family run organisation comprising of the young royals from the state of Pahang.

Panelist for Social Inclusion and Trust in Shariah-Compliance Businesses Session