Amnah Shaari
CEO, Serunai Commerce & Founder
Global Halal Data Pool, Verify Halal & HADIC

Amnah Shaari is a passionate, accomplished and multi award winning International Business Consultant & Entrepreneur, who has helmed, nurtured and established numerous successful businesses, foreign direct investments and brands in Malaysia and within the region.

With over 35 years of experience as a CEO and Business consultant Amnah has played vital roles in bridging business and investment gaps between multinational blue chip establishments and their presence in ASEAN. She has established dialogues with all major foreign missions and associations in the country and they look to her to overcome hurdles or facilitate opportunities.

To date she has facilitated numerous mergers, acquisitions, advisory and studies that have resulted in over USD 150 million of foreign direct investment into Malaysia. She has spoken and been featured in numerous conferences and international media on her views and perspectives on female entrepreneurship, business automation, FDI, public policy advocacy, SME development & of late her achievement in developing the world’s first Global Halal Data Pool. She has achieved all the above as the CEO of Beyond Corporate Group Sdn Bhd (BCH), which she established in 1993. Since its establishment BCH has become the premiere business and corporate advisory centre housing and facilitating some of the world’s largest and well known brands and institutions. Its services range from migratory & orientation services, tax incentive advisory, risk mitigation, access to finance, conflict resolution, lobbying all the way to strategic advisory and market consultancy.

With a Masters Degree in International Relations (Peter Drucker Centre, Claremont University, California), B.A in Management and B.A in Political Science, Amnah’s insights into international business are keen, measured and always abreast of economic sentiments. In tandem she has mooted and brought about numerous public & private sector dialogues and engagements to facilitate and overcome investment & business barriers.

In 2009, Amnah setup Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd to realise her vision of creating a connected and integrated Halal international trade platform. The world’s first Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP), Amnah’s brainchild, was then adopted by the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) an agency under the Ministry of International Trade & Commerce. Serunai Commerce was given the task to develop the platform. GHDP was launched in 2015, and is rapidly on its way of becoming the epicenter and facilitator of global Halal trade, as it bridges the gap between live accurate product data, supply chains and global standard adherence. GHDP was designed by Amnah to be inclusive and accessible to all communities all over the world, providing them the tools to sell their products globally.

On 26 May 2017, with the support and collaboration with JAKIM, Serunai Commerce launched Verify Halal App. The App is designed to empower consumers and retailers with the ability to instantly verify the Halal accreditation of the product by a simple scan of the barcode via their smartphone cameras. This empowering tool fuel consumer confidence and reduces the spread of disinformation on the integrity of Halal accreditation and most importantly increase the transparency and standing of Halal. Most recently Verify Halal was awarded the Gold Medal Award in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Department Innovation Awards 2018. Finally, like all successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, she ensures that an equal part of her efforts are given to the less fortunate. She has adopted and plays an active role in an orphanage that houses and adopt over 140 abandoned children, and she actively supports and tries to create platforms and opportunities for single mothers living in rural areas.

Panelist for Social Inclusion and Trust in Shariah-Compliance Businesses Session